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Silver Membership

Annual Subscription
$ 149
  • Track your network gateway address
  • Constant updates to your system
  • Personalized gateway address
  • Secure remote access and remote desktop
  • Network-attached storage (NAS) drives

Gold Membership

Annual Subscription
$ 499
  • Includes everything in Silver membership
  • First year included with your integrated system
  • Unlimited remote support
  • One yearly 2-hour site visit to check system health and make adjustments
  • Advanced monitoring of all critical automation network devices
  • Real-time status notifications and updates

Platinum Membership

Annual Subscription
$ 899
  • Includes everything in Gold membership
  • Additional yearly 2-hour site visit to check system health and make adjustments
  • Covers all on-site service for issues with in-warranty equipment
  • Includes replacement of basic interconnect cables and emitters

Services and Support

Remote Technical Support

30-minute Incident: $75

On-Site Technical Support

2-hour Support: $150

Here's The Real Magic

Control your whole environment from one location. Turn on the TV and speakers, adjust the blinds, or dim the lights with one remote. Have the lights come back on when you hit pause, or the audio mute while you’re talking with the intercom at the front door, the options are endless. Automate your home to fit your lifestyle!

Light up your life!

Save time and money with automated lights that work to your schedule, even if you forget! Deter intruders with smart away lighting to make it appear as if someone is home!


Distribute your video sources (cable box, media streamer…) so that they can be watched on any, or all of your TVs at once!


Wake up to your favorite energizing playlist every morning, or set the mood at a party, distributed audio activates your space without adding clutter!

Automated Window Coverings

Keep your home energy efficient by setting timers for your blinds or curtains during the sunniest parts of the day. Glare from the window ruining your favourite TV show? Don’t get off the couch, just close the blinds with your phone!

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