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True North is a home convenience integration company, with a heavy focus on the customer experience. We focus on ensuring that our customers are informed, and involved in the Design and Configuration of their system from beginning to end. We know that the main focus of any integrated home is convenience, and ensure that we find the best solution for all of our customer’s needs.

At True North Integration we’re not interested in racing to the bottom. We pride ourselves on providing products and solutions that stand the test of time.

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Exploration Meeting
Bespoke System Design
Installation and Education
Ongoing Support and Monitoring
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Exploration Meeting
Bespoke System Design
Installation and Education
Ongoing Support and Monitoring
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Never worry about losing your connection

Give your space the backbone it needs to stay connected.  Make sure you are getting the speeds you’re paying for, indoors, outdoors, and everywhere on your property.


Be your own eye in the sky

Monitor and record activity on your property from on-site, or anywhere with an internet connection.  We can even configure your smartphone or tablet, to let you know when it would be a good time to tune in.  And with modern technology, let your recorder do the scanning through hours of footage, highlighting specific incidents or criteria, rather than movement of any kind.

Control/ Automation

Train your home to react to your presence

By integrating the lifestyle systems in your home, total control can either be at your fingertips, or simply react to triggers like motion, time of day, or input.


Beautifully distributed audio and video

Have your audio and video follow you throughout your space seamlessly.  Allow multiple TVs to watch any device, any time. Fill your entire home with beautiful music or listen to something different in every room.  Don’t waste precious counterspace with tinny portable speakers or spend your evening staring at a crooked TV with exposed wiring.


Have the peace of mind to know your home is safe

Modern alarm systems can monitor for so much more than break ins. Protect your home against fire, flood, and freezing as well.  We can alert the proper authorities, and you at the same time, through notifications on your device. When the alarm activates, visual confirmation devices can be used to ensure the authorities know that time is of the essence.


Timely and effective support, to fit your schedule

We strive to work only with technology that we believe in, technology that works well, and lasts.  However, when integrating all of these different systems together, the occasional hiccup is inevitable. That’s why we offer continuing support, so that we’re never more than an e-mail or phone call away from resolving any issues or updating any configurations on your system.

Installation & Education

We handle everything, from running wire, to installing components, and programming devices. Once everything is installed, we make sure that you have the proper training on the use of your system.

Happiness For Life

Once the system is complete, you’ll have a few different support options to ensure your system stays up to date.  Some support memberships even include regular check-ins and re-configurations, to make sure your system continues to meet your evolving needs.

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Here's The Real Magic

Control your whole environment from one location. Turn on the TV and speakers, adjust the blinds, or dim the lights with one remote. Have the lights come back on when you hit pause, or the audio mute while you’re talking with the intercom at the front door, the options are endless. Automate your home to fit your lifestyle!

Light up your life!

Save time and money with automated lights that work to your schedule, even if you forget! Deter intruders with smart away lighting to make it appear as if someone is home!


Distribute your video sources (cable box, media streamer…) so that they can be watched on any, or all of your TVs at once!


Wake up to your favorite energizing playlist every morning, or set the mood at a party, distributed audio activates your space without adding clutter!

Automated Window Coverings

Keep your home energy efficient by setting timers for your blinds or curtains during the sunniest parts of the day. Glare from the window ruining your favourite TV show? Don’t get off the couch, just close the blinds with your phone!

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